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Well, I just picked up an Orvis Mach V from my local Orvis Store. It is a really nice looking and, I hope, well put together reel for $295.

I plan on using the Mach V with a RIO WC 7/8/9 for tips on my CND Custom 8/9. I brought the line with me to the Orvis store and had it mounted on the reel with 30 lb. Orvis Dacron backing. According to the backing meter on the store's machine, the reel holds 160 yards of 30 lb. Orvis Dacron backing with the WC 7/8/9 with both floating sections attached.

The Mach V -- the vext to largest Mach reel available -- is much lighter than my Redington Brakewater 11/12, and prettier to boot. The Brakewater, however, has been on the market a season or two, receiving excellent reviews. Hopefully, the same will be true of the Mach V. I am going to give it a try out for steelhead on the Pere Marquette next week with FishGunner.

A report will follow.

BTW, I have a C-VEX with the 9/10 spool that I use on my Winston 11-ft 7-wt Boron IIx. I was going to buy the 11/12 spool to use with the CND, but the spool alone cost almost as much as the Mach V, so I bought it rather than the extra spool for the C-VEX.
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