Hey all, Happy Holidays. I know a lot of the folks here on the forum are fishing bamboo so here are a couple 5wt bamboo rods that I need to move along. Both are wonderful trout rods that would fish on either coast— trout water, bass pond or mountain creek. Both would qualify as as a versatile one bamboo rod do-it-all option. Cost is via PayPal and includes fees and shipping CONUS. Not looking for trades. I can combine shipping if you want them both. Thanks for looking!

Orvis Equinox Impregnated - This is made by Sharpes in Scotland for Orvis back in the 70s. One tip, two pieces, it's a 5/6wt 7ft 6inch rod. Pretty much the ideal length weight for bamboo. It's impregnated which means it's very durable and you can fish it hard in all types of weather. These impregnated rods are incredible values. Comes with aftermarket sock and tube. Wraps and guides are great. Ferrule fit is nice. Reel seat takes most any reel from an older Hardy to a modern Bauer. Loves a double taper 5wt line or a Wulff Triangle Taper in a 6. If you're thinking about dipping your toe in bamboo or want a durable rod to fish from a canoe this is it. SOLD

Payne 102 Clone by Washington Builder Jeff Pope -
This is a Payne 102 Taper at 8ft 5wt 2piece with two tips. Great build by Jeff Pope from Eastern Washington. He's on our forum from time to time. I believe he worked out of Mark Ruhe's shop before building on his own. Great taper and wonderful all around rod, especially if you need a little extra length on medium to large water. It's a progressive taper that is a joy to cast. Cap and ring plus mortised spacer means it takes many, many reels, it's not fussy in that respect. Ferrule fit is quite tight, but separates with a pop. Wraps and guides are good.SOLD