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The one on top is my first attempt at the pattern. The herl-butt covers a tie-off at the tag that I allowed to build up too much which in-turn created a large tie-in for the tail. Instead of scraping there, I decided to finish then give it another go. Other than the naturals and the tinsel in these two, the materials started off as white, then either hot pink and purple, or lemon. The crimson and fiery brown are simply shades of red, and a mix of orange and brown. The bright orange of the shoulders are yellow and red to approximate the bright orange of the CoR feathers. Finally Kingfisher Blue for the cheeks. Over-all I'm pleased with the turn out of both. They look like a good choice for slightly tinted water on a bright day and should do well later this fall. They are far from correct but that is something to work towards. Originally I was looking into the Ranger patterns and as it turns out the Parsons actually predate those - so here they are.

Welcome to critiques and comments.
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