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opinion on sage accel DH rods

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I have two sage one rods- 8136-4 and 7136-4. Would like to add another rod as a backup/ another option. Im not a very good spey caster at this point- working on getting better. I have been looking at several rods. Have looked at another sage one, winston BIII even have thought about getting a Burkheimer or Meiser .

Had a recommendation today to also look at the newer medium/fast sage Accel blanks 7126-4 and 8136-4. So I'm looking at those

Would love any feed back form those who have one or have cast them
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I just got the Accel 7136 and am waiting for it to warm up above freezing to go try it out. I have a Skagit Max Long 525 gr that should match up pretty good.
The reel seat does look cheap though and I'm not that into the cordura case either but those are frivolous concerns if it turns out that this rod is a sweet casting stick.
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