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opinion on sage accel DH rods

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I have two sage one rods- 8136-4 and 7136-4. Would like to add another rod as a backup/ another option. Im not a very good spey caster at this point- working on getting better. I have been looking at several rods. Have looked at another sage one, winston BIII even have thought about getting a Burkheimer or Meiser .

Had a recommendation today to also look at the newer medium/fast sage Accel blanks 7126-4 and 8136-4. So I'm looking at those

Would love any feed back form those who have one or have cast them
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I cast a 7136 Accel an bunch today. Tried a 525 and 500 gr Rio Skagit Max Short as well as the 510 gr. Skagit Compact. I liked them all. The 525 gr. near cast itself, but the 510 and the 500 gr lines loaded the rod deeply as well. I suspect I'd have preferred the 525 gr. Max Long over all the above. The rod itself feels heavier while casting than the 7136 Z Axis, but not at all heavy.

Sage really hit the nail on the head with the 7136 Accel.

The reel seat wasn't as nice as the price tag might warrant.

I'm curious if the Accel switch rods are similar-flexing.
I found the action of the Accel 6114 to be similar in characteristics. As a switch rod, it is one of my favorites to date. I have owned and fished the Z Axis 6110, TCX 6119 and One 6116. The Accel is the fullest flexing and is a fully functioning 'switch' rod - not a mini spey. I have fished it with both scandi line and skagits and it takes care of business.

For an 8 weight, I decided to go with the Method 8119 as I wanted a true mini spey for winter coastal work.
I'm curious what you mean by "fully functioning switch rod". Rods that cast nicely two handed don't cast nicely overhead casting IMO. If its good two handed casting, its crap at spey casting.

Seems like most switch rods are advertised as being able to cast far and overhead cast, but are too fast to fish in tight two handed
. Now, if I were fishing where I needed to be making long casts, I'd be using a proper spey rod.

How does the 8119 Method end up a mini spey and the Accel a switch rod?
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