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opinion on sage accel DH rods

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I have two sage one rods- 8136-4 and 7136-4. Would like to add another rod as a backup/ another option. Im not a very good spey caster at this point- working on getting better. I have been looking at several rods. Have looked at another sage one, winston BIII even have thought about getting a Burkheimer or Meiser .

Had a recommendation today to also look at the newer medium/fast sage Accel blanks 7126-4 and 8136-4. So I'm looking at those

Would love any feed back form those who have one or have cast them
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Accel in a smaller Switch size...

I'd personally love to try out an Accel switch rod in a 4 weight for trout to to permit spey casting. Too bad they're only out in a 6,7, and 8 at the moment. Sage, are you listening? ;)
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