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Been enamored with the idea of woodduck roof/wing on flies since I saw Tom Baltz's spey flies a couple years ago.

Finally I got around to trying it out last night.

Double wing, under slightly longer than the over.

Not quite perfect, left to right, or maybe it just needs preening, but i'm afraid it will blow up if i mess with it too much.

GBS variant on a blue heron size 2.
Body is seals fur, tail is dyed red golden pheasant crest.
Hackles are dyed ringneck.



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A great flee my friend, should be a confidence fly for you !!
I've moved away from flank wings now days. I do a turkey slip wing and then a side of flank, whether it be bronze mallard, teal or wood duck.
Nothing more frustrating than setting a beautiful mallard wing and it exploding by stroking it back.
Now days it's all about durability and confidence for me.

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