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There are several motels in Forks, a few Bed & Breakfasts, including one right on the Bogey. There is another motel 20 miles from Forks in Bear Creek on the Sol Duc and the Thee Rivers Inn Motel at the confluence of the Bogey and Sol Duc.

As places to fish. Forks is pretty much party central for fishing the west end of the OP. The Calawah flows through town, the Bogey is only 3 miles out of town, the Sol Duc is about 5 miles from town, The Hoh is 30 minutes away, the Queets is an hour away, and the Hoko (the only winter steelhead river in WA that is fly only) is an hour away. Take your pick as to which one of these to fish, they are all good.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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