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I am planning on buying a Danielson to go with my yet un-delivered Meiser 14foot MKS 10wt. I thought the 11/14 would work for balance as well as lines from a windcutter to an XLT or Nextcast. Ron Larson thought it would be a bit large and suggested the 9/13 instead. Any comments? Thanks

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I have the Danielsson LW 8/12 on my Meiser MKS 8/9 and it balances perfectly, so a size up for a bigger rod should be spot on. Best reel I have ever used. Start up is flawless, confidence inspiring with a big fish on. Sold my Big Games and canceled my order for a Galvan.
I'm going to buy another Danielsson!

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I agree with Ron in that the HD11fourteen will be a bit large. The HD9thirteen is a perfect size reel for that rod.

The Danielsson reels are truly outstanding products.

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(FWIW I have the HD 11fourteen on a 17' Loomis and the LW8twelve on a Meiser MKS 13' 6" 78).

Let's make it three straight for the 11-14. A lot of speyfishers have never used the extended belly lines and don't realize just how much room they take up.
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