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This is one of my favorite styles and color combination for winter steelhead. The orange and pink over the yellow really pops and the feather wing has superb movement. The burnt snow goose shoulder feather makes for the perfect body hackle. The stem is a little think to work with but it seems to prop the barbs up quite nicely. I try not to over dress this style to ensure a good sink rate. Have fun with this one and thanks for looking.

Winter Feather Wing
Hook: Alec Jackson 3/0
Body: Rear half flat silver tinsel, front half pink dubbing
Rib: Flat pearl Mylar followed by large silver oval tinsel
Hackle: Burnt and dyed snow goose feather
Collar: Orange schlappen
Wing: Two pink saddle hackles enveloped by two orange saddle hackles.

Start the tying thread at the mid joint of the hook. Secure in a length of oval tinsel, followed by a length of pearl Mylar, followed by a length of flat silver tinsel. Wrap the flat silver tinsel down to the bend of the hook trapping the oval and Mylar as you go. Return the flat tinsel to the mid joint to create the body.

Secure in the hackle and build a dubbing loop. You can use the tying thread for the loop or you can secure in a length of floss. I used floss for the dubbing loop. Load the loop with dubbing and advance the dubbing loop forward to create the body.

Bring the flat pearl Mylar forward making 5 open wraps. The oval tinsel is then brought forward on the reward edge of the Mylar. The hackle is then wrapped forward tucked up against the oval tinsel.

Secure in a schlappen hackle and wrap as a collar.

Select two pink and two orange saddle hackles, gauge to length, and clear all the fluff and excess barbules from the stems. Insert the stems through the eye of the hook and secure. Pull the stems reward and secure. This move creates a little larger head, but makes for a very durable wing.

Whip and coat the head with cement. Good tying and better fishing.


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Really love your work Marty. Thanks for the SBS. It cleared up a few questions I had re: the body of the fly. Crystal clear now.

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little tip


Great fly. After splitting I scrape the stem of burnt goose with a safety razor. You can thin them up nicely. I put a couple of hackle pliers oneach end of the stem , hang one from my vise and hold the other one, scrape away. The stems are tough so you can work them down pretty slim. Scrape with the blade angled away from you.
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