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News Flash Release

North Santiam Spey Casters

No outside “Casting” this month

Date: December 16th Thursday Evening
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Walery Pizza House in West Salem - 1555 Edgewater NW
The “Back Room”
Subject: Loops and Splices with Leroy Teeple

This is your opprotunity to learn methods of splicing and making loops for your fly lines. Leroy is an accomplished loop and splice guy. Each year at the Sandy Spey Clave he demonstrates his skill. Now you can sit with him and actually make your own loops and splices.

Bring a needle nose pliers and scissor. If you have some spare fly line bring that along also.

Oh, the weather outside is fright-ful, but the fire inside is delight-ful. The move inside is so will we not freeze. But keeping in the spirit of this club’s practical application to our sport, we will learn how to make loops and splices.

Direction to Walery’s Pizza: Head to Salem, Oregon and follow the sign to “Ocean Beaches” -
Cross the Willamette River via Marion Street Bridge (the only bridge heading to the coast on Hyw. 22) - On the bridge merge to the 2nd lane from the left (it’s a four lane bridge) – DON’T take the first exit. Take the 2nd exit. This will take to the strip mall where Walery’s is located. Safeway is directly ahead of you at the light. Turn left on Edgewater or turn into the strip mall via Safeway. Walery’s is west of Safeway a bit.
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