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nova scotia

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Headed for Nova Scotia last week of July. Am interested in advice re: fishing for Atlantics. Will be primarily in Cape Breton Area. Any tips on where to go. I am interested in C&R only, and would prefer less crowded rivers. Also, any info on Sea-run trout would be appreciated. Thank you. Mark
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Bring a book! I am not kidding your chances will be pretty lousy. The only game in town, i.e. Cape Breton, will be the Margaree River. The other lesser rivers are either closed until the fall or won't have any fish in them. The Margaree will have a few mostly black or stale fish. Occasionally, depending on rain fall and water levels, a few fresh fish MIGHT come in. You will most likely NOT see many anglers mainly because the fishing can be very poor at that time of the year.
Sorry, I live in NS, and hardly anyone bothers fishing for salmon at this time of the year. Moreover, the last three or four years have been particularly poor becaus of lack of rain.

TL for what it's worth

Well, is there any decent brook trout fishing at this time in this region? thanks
Well, again it all depends on the weather. So far, our summer has been fairly wet. I know people who go to CB fairly regularly for trout fishing. You could try the Middle River which also holds rainbows (escaped hatchery fish, apparently), the Baddeck, the Aspy, etc., in fact most of the rivers that will also have small salmon runs. You could also try the Margaree or the Cheticamp, salmon and trout. The other thing to consider is whether it is worth to buy a non-resident salmon license which will run about CAN $ 100 for a week, I believe. I don't want to talk you out of salmon fishing entirely but I would caution anyone who expects great salmonfishing.
The other advice I can offer is to check these websites:
They may take you to other links of interest.

Let us know how you make out.

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