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The "leaf hatch" was terrible today with the windy conditions on the river :(
It was hard to get a cast in without snagging one. Hopefully they will be gone by next week.

Water temperature holding at 54 degrees. The bobber and egg sack fishermen were catching an unbelievable number of steelhead today below me :eek: Mostly all nice 27- 30 inch fish!

I worked hard to get one tug on the #4 Olive wet fly. Turned out to be a 22" male brown trout my first of the season.

I did a few improvements on the Olive wet fly. Using a stronger Daiichi 2151 hook size#2 and added a short grizzly olive marabou tail

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Paul you are killing them. Heading up in a few minutes. Looks like you got a lock on the hot fly. Twisted a couple up for today. I like the change you made with the tail. Tossed a little copper in it . Cant go wrong with olive and copper.

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