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Hello friends,

I am trying not to get lost again, so i just wanted to come by and say hi :)

Last week tried to tie some basic spey flies, the result was a little bunch of wasted materials and some scratched hooks, my fingers are still too rusty to undergo the finesse required to tie our loved flies!

Fortunatelly i was concious enough not to use any rare/expensive materials, busted some floss, dubbing hair, a couple of hackles and a pair of mallard feathers... a loss is a loss but it wasn't a big one :D

So, back to the basics i am, decided to put myself to a methodical re-training of my fly tying skills, back to woolly buggers, buzzers, wulffs, parachutes, PTN's. They are slowly starting to came out nice again, but it requires quite an effort not to mess anything out lol

It is incredible how i lost the little skills i had, but on the other hand, i can do this second take at it already knowing how to do things, the problem is, my brain knows it, but that knowledge seems to get lost along the way of my arm :chuckle:

Well, that was quite a "coming around to say hi" :razz:


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Its so true. My trout flies look like dog doo when I tie them these days. Ive got to get back to tying them as while Ive probably hundreds of trout flies stuffed into bins they and my box is near devoid of the trout flies I actually fish.

Ive taken to just tying simple spiders with silk body and game hackle in appropriate colors which is about all Ive been fishing for quite a while.
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