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Ard listed a link in the trout flies thread. I used pheasant feathers for mine. Im not sure how to describe them as i have a full skin from a rooster that i pulled them from. I just went thru and found the ones i like.
But i'll try.
Thread: brown 6/0 uni
Tail: bronze pheasant body feather barred with a sharpie. Two feathers mated so the glossy sides are facing out.
Body: cream colored yarn, stopped wrapping about 3/4 up the shank
Rib: two strands of copper wire wrapped from both directions
Underwing: sparse gray squirrel tail
Overwing: two brown saddle hackle feathers. Again mated so the gloss faces out then barred with a sharpie.
Belly: white craft fur
Cheeks: another pheasant body feather. This one has a white stem that i colored red and yellow
Eyes/over cheeks: jungle cock eyes.
I also tied a small clump of partridge feather just in front of the overwing.
Sorry if this is a crappy recipe.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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