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Wandering the Driftless
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Fishing 2/23 - 3/2 there. Any recommendations?

Appears that I have to leave the tube flies in the car or at home to be 110% legal (in the fly only zone).

But from my reading, I can tie just about any weight on a hook or shank and be completely legal. Just no bullet weights (or any other weight system not an integral part of the fly).

Most of the swinging intruder type patterns I've tied and seen avoid any weight on the fly itself.

I'll be using T11 or maybe T14 sink tips, but it sounds like for some of the slots/holes I'll need some good dumbbell eyes and/or lots of lead wraps on the shank?

Any and all pointers for fly patterns most welcome! Thanks!!

If I'm below the fly only zone, my understanding is we can add bullet weights or tube flies as well. Please let me know if I'm incorrect on that.

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Read the regulations!

Weighted flies are legal in the fly water from October 1 to July 1 each year. So, the tube flies don't have to stay in the car.

If you are looking to catch fish, the South Umpqua has the stronger run of winter steelhead. But, you have to deal with drift boats and gear fisherman. There are only a few productive places to fish on the NU in winter. If the river is in shape, those spots tend to get crowded.

As for flies, be sure to have a range of sizes in your arsenal in case the river is either blown out or running low and clear. Black and purple are always good colors.

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