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You could try the 1535 out of the same Young's stable:

or if you have a little more to spend, I would recommend a Hardy wide-drum Perfect in 3 3/4" size.

Some may go for the Hardy Taupo.....


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1) Olson
2) Perfect
3) Saracione
Second that. I have a Bougle that I love as well as a perfect. If you don't care where they're made, you can try a Hardy Cascapedia. Great, beautiful reels (made in Korea though.

I haven't seen or heard one in person, but the Farlex reels look sweet!

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I have one of the Cascapedia reels bought before they shifted production to South Korea, they have a nice buzz to them but are by no means a loud reel. The Perfects are about as clangorous a reel as I could want. I have a 4 1/4 that is like an alarm system when I am stripping line or when a fish is running hard. The Taupo is a bit more reserved but still puts up a fuss when line is torn from the spool.


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On my lighter / switch rods my Hardy St John reels really "shout" when a good fish sets off.

A friend of mine has a Speyco reel (pre hexad version) & I must admit that does make an impressive noise!

Regards, Tyke.

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I have an early Speyco with the titanium bar drag...crazy loud...and awesome! Have one in 4" and another in 4 1/4". Also have another 5 or so of the more recent hexad drag reels from Speyco and all sound beautiful to my ears.

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This is an interesting thread. I was asked by Heron more than a few times so I am taking his advice and I am re-issuing my titanium check. This will be an option in my 4" symmetry series ,Skagit, Skandi, and Spey in the S handle versions only. No worries the Hexad system will still be available as well as I love the sound and feel.

So if others are interested in getting a really REALLY REALLY off the charts loud reel just email me. I will get a few shots of this and post a few photos this next week as it is a beefed up version of my 2007 reels but it will have a few "upgrades" from the OG.

Duel checking
over travel pin stops
More teeth on gears

Happy Sunday Guys

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Ja Browning, you are right there is no such thing as a dumb question. But there are certainly dumb answers!! I have over 40 fly reels. Some loud, some silent. They all hold line and retrieve line. I have never seen the benefit of a loud reel. Maybe if I fell asleep standing up to let me know a fish had taken the fly.
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