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Hey everyone. As an East coast Salmon angler of close to 20 years, I am only beginning with the spey rod. My first attempt was with a 13" A&N Ltd steel core Cane rod which is very heavy but also a great spey rod to cast. I then went on to turn a 13' Hardy MatchQuest into a "Spey" rod by stripping and re-guiding with spey specs in hand. Also not bad but i still have no clue. :roll: Last year came my first real two-hander,,a 12'6" 9wt 3pc Diamondback. At that time I thought it was the best rod ever but soon came to realize that it is too soft for my liking and the fact I broke the mid- male spigot ferrule kind of soured me on this one. I had it fixed and continue to use it with a JW 1535 and Cortland line.
This year may be the turning point. After taking in the Western FlyFishing Expo in B.C last month, I bought Redington "Red" 15' 10wt from Brian Niska at Whistler. Dana revues this same rod and i have to say that i LOVE it! Kind of makes me feel like i have "arrived" in the sport. But wait,, it gets better(or worse if you ask my wife :tsk_tsk: ) on the weekend i bought a new in box 4" Bougle MKIV as well as the Rio WC9/10/11. The point of my post is to say how excited about the new setup,, while the other side of the coin may be that I am sliding fast into the mayhem of spey fishing. Oh well, slide away as i know that i am not alone. :hihi:
The first test wil be on the Miramichi for Salmon in may. Cant wait.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings lads, i just had to tell somebody!!!
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