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I caught my first Steelhead in the summer when I was 8 years old. A couple split shot and a periwinkle on a size 6 eagle claw hook. Standing barefoot in the rifles on the Nestucca, fishing for trout. I shall never forget my paltry 6' combo bent over and a silver bullet flying out of the water as I ran up and down river, my heart racing, waiting for him to tire.
Fast forward 40 years and I've decided to take up flyfishing again. I experimented with flyfishing many years ago, but I was ineffective so it began collecting dust. More and more gear sat in front of the fly outfit, to the point that I actually forgot I still had it. I took up the 6wt last year chasing smallmouths primarily because I like positive reinforcement and voracious smallies do deliver. I've been a gear-chucker for the most part, though I've got equipment to chase virtually everything the PNW has to offer. But at heart, I love swinging spoons and spinners for summer and winter steelhead. The 'thump thump thump" of the swinging spoon followed by the potentially violent strike of an irritated steelhead is a fantastic rush.
However, I have now decided to add a spey rod to my collection and have decided that I will most likely need at least one set-up. I realize that the illness and the cure are virtually indistinguishable as I enter this new pursuit.
Looking forward to gleaning as much as I can from y'all.
Thanks in advance,
AKA Quackersnacker

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Well Welcome to the forum here Quackersnacker!
you will find allot of enjoyment here digging through all the post about spey fishing! spinners and spoons I think are bad voodoo here
I could be wrong do not be afraid to ask a question!! I have been searching through the threads to find what I am looking for
and if I do not find it I ask!! there is always someone here that has an answer to just about any question!!

So kick back and read and enjoy welcome to the Family !!!

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