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1) Brand new nextcast steelhead finder zone 23' 450grain float/int line. I have never even put it on my spool, I tried the 475grain first and like it so much I don't need this line. Cost me $75 after tax and shipping just a few months ago, will sell it for $60 paypal shipped to con us. sold

2) SGS Scandoid with integrated mendmaster running line. Used one time, I just don't like full lines. Head is 25.6ft, 415 grains. Was made for my 11ft 7wt T&T switch rod. $50 paypal shipped to us

3) Rio Scandi Body full intermediate in 8 wt (400grain body, designed to throw ~80gr tips, so it would be a 480gr scandi). $30 paypal shipped to us
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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