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If a reader subscribes to the newsletter doeis he get access to the archive of previous newletters.

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speypages newsletter articles

A one year subscription does not include all previous articles (although I generally throw in a few), which are available for an additional fee.

The newsletter archives have now grown to 22 articles, 90 or so pages of stuff. Looks like a book is in the works! I am just finishing up Part 2 of my 3 part series on the underhand cast. I Should have the photos for this article ready by the end of the month and expect to forward it early-to mid October. Part 3 will explore adapting the underhand cast to longer belly lines.

For 2004 I am planning to include more photography and digital video links in the articles, plus updating previous articles with photography. Long time subscribers who renew with me in 2004 will receive these updated articles at no additional charge. New subscribers will be charged an additional fee.

Here is the list of articles in the archive:

Spey Pages Newsletter Article Publication Order

1. refining the spey #1 (Casting Practice)
2. The Cast and the Master
3. Refining the Spey #2 (Tight Loops)
4. Customizing a Factory Spey Line
5. Distance Casting
6. Refining the Spey: Timing and Power
7. Presentation
8. The Winter Line
9. Refining the Spey: the D Loop
10. The Grant Switch
11. Refining the Spey: the Initial Lift
12. The Right Tool for the Job
13. Mastering the Snake Part One
14. Mastering the Snake Part Two
15. Bad Speys Made Good
16. Casting Analogies and Memory Devices
17. The Double Spey
18. A Few Notes on the Underhand Cast
19. Casting Efficiency
20. Pond Casting
21. Which Foot First?
22. The Classic Underhand Cast Part One
23. The Classic Underhand Cast Part Two
24. The Classic Underhand Cast Part Three

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