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new tube

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hey guys here is last night tie. still tying on tubes for now i want to get good at tying on them still a few thing i have problems with mostly the finishing of the tube. any ways this is inspired by the Atlantic salmon flies but i put a collar of marabou to make it more steely like hehe. again this fly i tried to pack as much uv as i could in it:). the tail is uv the rib is holo blue. also using fake jc for fun lol. thinking of doing a tube jungle done with them hahah.


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I'm making more right now myself for fishing this week. I'll take a picture of some soon (I hate getting out the camera and setting up) and post them. This batch I'm cutting back on body work and going simple :)
I like to finish tube with cone heads.
an example

of course they are completely another flies but an idea is the same .
cone head balance fly and nice cover thread .
it is also an attractor
for big steelhead flies I prefer such a cones .
they are with 3mm hole it is why is possible to put them directly on 3mm tube.
such a fly will be bombproof :)

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This is a fish catcher Kevin , nice work !!
Great colours and perfect profile .... it's going to catch fish !!

And if you think that a fall salar won't take that fly and destroy it , think again :hihi:
From my experience , fall salar act a lot like steelhead (minor differences) and will take the same flies you throw for fall/winter steelhead .
Salmo Salar love big marabous , Intruders , Bunny Leeches , ESL's , Prom Dresses , ASS flies , etc ......

cool good to know mike. i really like these style of fliea like tample dog and such let hops our weatcoast steely like them too
Kevin , try proven killers like the Cascade (personal favorite) and a Willie Gunn .... you can't go wrong anywhere with those !!
I like to use gold holographic for the bodies of these flies , then do a short collar of arctic fox (round style) , then a couple wraps of marabou in front of the collared fox . Accent with fine Mirage or holographic flash , add some JC nails and BAMN !!! You got yourself a fish catcher :smokin::smokin:

nice looking tube. i like the floss accents at the tail.
k mike thanks ill try tying a couple for the box. im just in middle of packing my materials away im moving on the first. i just have what i need to finish this jock scott variation on a blue heron then ill be done tying for a week until i get moved and settled but ill try the two tubes asap ( i got some new pro tubes i want to try :D:D:D:D)
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