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Im currently looking into purchasing a spey rod/reel/line and need some guidance. I took a lesson just recently and now im hooked. I currently own a 9'6 8 weight that I use on the Salmon River in Idhao and find it a little bit to much some times. Looking at getting something low on the dollar scale.

CNF-1307SP 13'0" 7/8
CNF-1308SP 13'0" 8/9

CNF-1306 13'0" 6/7
CNF-1308 13'0" 8/9

I will be fishing mostly the Salmon River in Idhao for steelhead but still want to go after the trouts In Idaho and Utah.

How does the rating system work with CND? Is a 6/7 a 6 or a 7?

Reel Opinions?
Line Opinions?

Mike has been mentioned a lot as the man to go to. Loaners for test casting?

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Two very different applications.

I have not fished the Salmon river, but I do the Clearwater and Snake. The ideal would be something heavier for steelhead and lighter for trout. Something that might work would be a Trout/light steelhead system and use a Skagit line for Steelhead. I have a 11' 7" Meiser rod for 5/6 that is great for trout and would work on the Ronde, but I am not sure I would want to abuse it with a big Clearwater fish.

Do talk with Mike at Red Shed. Also talk with your casting instructor and try some out before you purchase. Give Bob Meiser, one of the sponsors a call to see what he might recommend. He has a lot of experience with niche situations.

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Get a hold of Mike at the Red Shed Fly Shop in Peck Idaho. He knows CND products like the back of his hand and has an incredible selection as well as incredible service. He will steer you in the right direction in terms of lines, rods and reels.

The Teton series of reels has a great reputation as being a value priced good performing reel. If you want to spend a little more look at the Redington Breakwater series of reels. The Breakwaters have a reputation of $500 performance for less than $300.


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You can now buy Loop Reel LW 8-12 for $310
directly from Danielsson in US;
www danielsson-flyreels.com/en/start_us.php

Danielsson Innovation is a original designer and manufacturer of all reels sold under Loop Name. Fully sealed drag system which is the best on the market.

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Let us not forget the sponsor rules. Loop is a sponsor , Danielsson is not.

Direct linking to non-sponsors is a no-no and part of the agreement you made when you signed up.

However, all can be made right if you send an email to Danielsson and request they become a sponsor of the spey pages.

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CC: [email protected].

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Hey Jonny{UTAH}...

While every one has a different ability and casting style here is my take on the rods you've mentioned. Most of my demo lines are Airflos and I've had the most experience with them. I feel all the major line makers are turning out some great products. If you happen to like another brand it is easy to cross reference lines with Peter's Casting Weight chart http://www.redshedflyshop.com/CASTINGWEIGHTCHART.html
after you find the line weight and head length that works best for you.

For the CND Expert I like the 5/6 WindCutter (380 grn) or the Hardy Mach 1 or Mach 1 Plus (324 grn). This rod likes a gentle "fairy wand" stroke. I class it as a trout rod and while I don't advocate doing so I know of several Clearwater steelies up to 35" that have been landed on this rod.

For the CND Expert 1308, Custom 1307SP, and the Custom 1308SP from my personal experience if you follow Simon's line recommendations http://www.rioproducts.com/pages/speyrecs.asp
as a guide trying both his heavy and light choices you will find something that works well for you. I personally like the Delta Longs or MidSpey lines the best for floaters. I think they are good lines to learn spey casting with but for tips I do better with the Delta or WindCutter head length.

While you didn't ask the TFO 12'6"-6wt and 12'6"-8wt rods are also worth a test. They work well with the lines mentioned above.

Also the Echo two handers from Tim Rajeff should be out this Spring. My experience with the Echo single hand rods make me think these will be a very good choice. The 12'6"-6/7 should be well worth a look. Selling for $269.95 these rods are right in the price point you are looking for.

There are a lot of great reels out there. They range in price from around $50.00 to almost as much as you want to spend. I am only mentioning the models I'm familiar with. I know the Teton 9-11 and the Tioga 10 and Magnum 10 will balance these rods nicely. Also the Loop CLW 8-12 Composite works well with 12' and 13' lighter line rods. For the budget minded the Okuma Integrity is a very good choice.

All of the rods mentioned above can be taken for a test drive (with demo lines if needed) on your water.
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