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new stuff up on the Spey Pages!

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yup...it's all finally there: the feature on the underhand cast (and the video clip of Henrik Mortensen underhand casting, too), Ed Ward's letter, some updated line/rod recommendations from Simon Gawesworth, info about the new Airflo and Cortland Spey lines, and some info about new Spey schools planned for this year. Great to have it done and available (and what the heck--sleep is overrated anyways :eyecrazy: )

48 hours from now summer officially begins for me and I'm taking a bit of a vacation, spending time with the family and doing a little fishing, which of course means time away from the computer, so if I'm less visible here for a while be not alarmed.

I'll be back!

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Dana, have a great vacation:cool: I think it does peaple good to get away from the computer every now and then:chuckle: . You and your family have a great time, tight lines,brian:devil:
Thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to reading the new material.
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