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Just back from Skeena country where I fished my new 1509 LS2. I loved the rod with long dry lines but because the river was as high as can be and cold and super low vis I tried the rod with a windcutter and a big boy 300 (I was actually forced into it because the airlines lost my other rod tube for a few days with 4 other rods including my 1509 ARC that normally would draw the 300 detail). I was supprised how well the rod handled this set up. Man, is this rod ever light in the hand. I can't wait to give the others in the line a try on the river.


which of two rods ( ARC 1509 or LS2 1509) works better for you when using 1)very fast sink tips, 300 gr, 2) lighter tips or floating tip.
It has to be some difference.


Is LS2 14' wt.8 stiffer then T&T?
Is recovery rate or what you call " rebound" on 14' [email protected] faster then T&T, CND Specialist or Solstice Series?


1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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