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Hi Everyone,

What a great forum, I have learned a ton from this forum so far and hoping you can help me with a Scadden pontoon question. I bought a Scadden Northwest model a number of years ago and never ever got to use, I actually never even got to assemble it. After I purchased it I end up taking a new job, moving and starting a family. Well I'm back home in the great lakes and ready to start drifting a fishing again but it turns out I lost the frame in the process of the moves over the years. I called Dave Scadden directly and he advised the cost of buying a new frame and having sent to Canada would be more than the cost of a new system. He had suggested that it would be relatively easy to sell these pontoons. I am not sure what to ask for them. The pontoons are 10 feet long and brand new as noted, would $500 US be a fair price? Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks for reading the long winded post, and thanks for a great forum.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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