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A couple of weeks ago, I got my new Sage Euro 7141.

I have the Traditional 7136, and it is a nice rod unless the water gods are releasing massive amounts of water for LaLa land below us.

I went shad fishing on the America River with my year old 7136 the first week of June. They were really letting the water rip downstream, I couldn't get the 7136 to even pick up the heavier head on my Windcutter 6/7/8 with the upgrade head. I could do a little better with the MidSpey 6/7, but the shad were down deep. So the MidSpey was not getting down too them.

We all run into these Dam Water releases. So I decided to have a Euro 7141 made for me. The young man who made the rod did a great job, and the rod even looks better than the Sage built rods.

Two weeks ago I took it to the Mid Yuba to try it. I was banging out the Mid Spey 6/7 with a wet fly and an indicator. Fairly effortless double spey casts of 65 to 80' were common. You must pay attention, with the stiffer rod, there is no room for day dreaming and not paying attention to all aspects of the cast.

I went to the Windutter 6/7/8 and inspite of the water ripping down stream during a high dam release, I was getting good distances with the 4 and 5 sinking tips using a roll cast and then a single spey time cast out. (Ugly but reasonably effective)

Then, the wind came up stream about 35-40 miles per hour, and I had to do some non standard casts to get the Windcutter out.

After a couple of close calls with the hook, I went back to the Mid Spey 6/7 with the Boles indicator, a Fox Caddis pupa, and a sliding tungsten bead. Using the ugly forward lob cast, I was able to lob this gear effortlessly up stream 50 to 65' feet. With some incredibly easy mends, I was getting drifts 50' to 65' upstream and that far down stream. (No fish, I find out later that the fish were behind me and only about 15 to 20' from the shoreline. )

I will go back up on Tuesday if the wind is not gusting again.

Summary: I wish that I had purchased the Euro Stiff Rod in the first place. I will keep the traditional Rod for closer work and probably dry flies or a simple emerger rig. I have the double Spey Rod Case on order from Mark's Shop in Welches, Oregon. I will rig up both rods and carry both of them ready to use in that duo case.
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