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new reel

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Any thoughts on an Orvis vortex or Islander large arbor? It's going on a Sage 10161. Need something I can change spools without a lot of fuss. Ables and Tibors are a pain to change spools. What do you guys use? Have Bauers and like them, but thought I might try something else. Thanks
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I think the difficulty in changing spools on the Abels are blown out of proportion...it takes just seconds and would do it anywhere (aside from standing waist deep in a flowing river....but how often do we do that with a Spey rod).

Tibor's on the other hand are a b*tch!!! :(

If you are going to drop that kind of dough and want a kick ass flyreel but want simple spool changes, purchase an Evotec 11-14 HD...it will balance that rod perfectly!!

Plus it is super large arbor, sealed drag with fairly inexpensive spools and I know many that have been through Hell and back and are still going strong without ever skipping a beat!!

Plus they are totally wicked looking, hold too much backing....and well, Loop sponsors The Forum!!

You will not go wrong!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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