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Any thoughts on an Orvis vortex or Islander large arbor? It's going on a Sage 10161. Need something I can change spools without a lot of fuss. Ables and Tibors are a pain to change spools. What do you guys use? Have Bauers and like them, but thought I might try something else. Thanks
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I [3]LOVE[/3] mine!

The spool exchange involves two loose parts but the process is very easy and quick. Everyone has their own approach but with Spey lines I rarely if ever exchange the spool on the water due to the availability of hybrid head systems (sink tips with loops) in either short, midspey or extended belly styles. My line typically is matched to the rod and my casting stroke for the day and there is enough of an adjustment introduced by the tip exchange all by itself so that I would not swap line systems mid-stream. The exchange of the HD is plenty simple for an exchange during a breakfast break or to use a line on a different rod, etc.

I do however swap spools often when fishing saltwater shorelines with a single hander and would much prefer no loose parts on those reels.

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