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Changes to the current freshwater fishing regulations designed to enhance fishing opportunities and protect the state's freshwater fisheries were announced today by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). DEC will accept public comments on the proposals through April 2, 2012.

•Add the tributaries of Beaverdam Brook (Oswego County) from their mouths to the upstream boundary of the Salmon River Hatchery property to the current Beaverdam Brook fishing closure (which also currently prohibits fishing within 100 yards of any DEC fish collection device). This addition of the tributaries would make oversight and enforcement of this area more effective in safeguarding fish returning to the hatchery.

•For the Salmon River (Oswego County) allow a bead chain to be attached to floating lures. The distance between a floating lure and hook point may not exceed three-and-a-half inches when a bead chain configuration is used. This was determined to be an effective angling method and was not considered an attractive snagging device.

•For the Salmon River (Oswego County) implement a "no weight" restriction (i.e., only floating line and unweighted leaders and flies allowed) from May 1 - 15 for the Lower Fly Area and from May 1 - August 31 for the Upper Fly Area to provide further protection to vulnerable fish.
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