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My journey to hook a stocked Atlantic salmon on a swung fly started 6 years ago and finally culminated this season with two salmon from one pool on the Naugatuck River in Connecticut.

Before the first shot was fired in the American Revolutionary War, native Atlantic salmon had already been extirpated from the rivers of Connecticut where they were once abundant. Recent federally-sponsored restoration efforts to re-introduce this species to the Connecticut River drainage system across 4 states have been futile. The last federal program ended in 2011. Although the federal effort has ended, Connecticut DEEP continues to operate a "legacy" salmon stocking program where hatchery-raised salmon are released into the Naugatuck and Shetucket rivers every autumn for recreation.

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Been about 4 weeks ago now but I don't think I posted any here.

This is just one sequence that displayed directly over the house here.

Then it did this

Followed by this downward burst

I have a bunch and would like to tell you about all the hi tech camera work it took but all the images are in my iPhone 11 and I'm not good at getting them onto my computer. It was the most active display I have seen here in 19 winters and I check almost every night and early morning.

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As the current temperatures dip down into the minus teens here I look back to some late summer photos as a pick me up and inspiration for next year. Although not spey related, there was some great rainbow fishing by canoe on the fly to hungry trout on a quiet northern BC lake.

Thanks for looking.
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Beautiful late afternoon skies.
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A quick carry from lakeside after an early morning fish.
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Delicious fruits of our labour. Thankful for the chance to be here.
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