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new loomis gl3

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Last month at the Fred Evans Charity Spey Clinic I was the lucky person to recieve a rod from Loomis as part of Loomis' support of the clinic (Scott, SA, Loomis and the Red Shed all get thanks). I just got the rod and I am wondering about lines. The rod is a 12'6" 9/10 GL3 - Do you think this is the same as the alta? It has the same number FR1509/10 so I am guessing it is. The only 9/10 line I have is the midspey 9/10 so I took that out during the last light of the day. I am actually more than happy with how it handles that line, if it is the alta, I am surprised it handles the mid belly line so well. In fact it is a real nice caster, light weight, and going to me my mainstay winter rod! Any advice on lines would be great, I was thinking of getting a short belly 9/10 and use the tips from my midspey.

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New Loomis G.L.3 9/10

Hi Dave
The rod you have is a first generation 12'6" these rods were available in Scandinavia and Canada for the last few years. The new Roaring River rods are quite different, in looks and action. Steve tweaked these rods, and changed some of the materials.The Alta is made of a blend material, in Loomis terms this is special blend of two and sometimes three proprietary graphites (no... we're not telling you what they are, as they say).
The GL3 is a great rod and cast great with a Delta 9/10, tips and floating. I especially like the Vision 9/10 on these rods (a Scand. shooting head) let me know if I can be of any more help.
Rick Whorwood
G.Lomis pro-staff
Glad you like the Rod.

Dave 'won' the rod by being chosen the 'most improved caster' based on increased ability over the course of the Charity Spey Casting Clinic. Dave's "main problem" on Sunday afternoon was the far bank of the Rogue ... was too close! :saeek:

I love the rod, it is so light. I would say it is very fast but I have limited reference.

I am using the delta 7/8 on it and it seems pretty good, I can cast the type 6, 15' tip, 90' (reel to end of line) plus leader. But, it does feel a shade light.

I wonder if you (who are much more knowing), think the 9/10 would work on the rod maybe I am using too light of a line?

What are some "signs" of a line being too light?

Though my casting is Way (he he, lame pun) better after learning from Way and Steve at the clinic, I don't think I can handle shooting any more line at this point, so I don't know what advantage a heavyer line would be. Does that make sense?

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Hi Dave
If you find the 7/8 to be light, step up a line wt. If you have access to an 8/9 and 9/10 give them a try. Without seeing you cast, I can't give you advise on your casting, that being said, a slightly heavier line will help load the rod deeper and should help in making the cast somewhat easier. If what your doing works for you stick with it, casting 90ft wow !! your doing great !!
Have fun, and good casting
Rick whorwood
G.Loomis pro-staff
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