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Every now and then I cast my way thought my Speyrod collection.
This year it is with new lines.
Most of the results so far have been uneventful.
There is one case that I feel is work talking about and this is it.
Hexagraph Faulkus Speycaster 15ft for 7 Double taper.
I purchased this rod from a disgruntled Northwest Speycaster a number of years ago.
For years this was my Premium Dry Line Summer Run Rod for larger Rivers
I sent several letters to Hugh Faulkus concerning this rod and the proper lining of it.
The results of these letters were a custom 7wt Double that I deemed adequate.
Later Leon Chambers of Cortland sent me a number of their then new Spey Double tapers to evaluate.
The 8/9 Cortland Double Speytaper fit the rod to a tea: that is until now.
I tried two different lines on a 7/8 XLT and 6/7 XLT and was pleasantly pleased with the results.
7/8 XLT proved to be a little on the heavy side and would have been laborious to cast to no great advantage over the Double taper.
The 6/7 XLT was another story; thowing crisp clean loops out the entire length of the head (90 ft head weighing 790 grains).

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