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New format...

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some are smarter than others

It takes about 2 seconds to figure out. I'm confident that anyone who knows how to use a toaster or turn a doorknob should be able to figure it out. Then again maybe I shouldn't be.
Given that I and perhaps others are not that adept with toasters and are never too sure which way to rotate the knob when it comes to doors, perhaps rather than demonstrate your ability to view your colon from the inside you might pull your head out long enough to enlighten us as to how to get back to where we were before someone thought they could improve our life.;)
loads really slow

Takes forever to load on my android system. There is a little square top left with 3 horizontal bars. Click it, scroll through to the bottom of selections and the bottom one is disable mobile site/enable desktop site, or something to that effect. Clicked it once and now it just loads as desktop site on chrome
Yeah that new format didn't last long on my phone either. I was in panic mode for about 30 seconds until I saw that you could revert back.

I have to agree, the "old" site is more user friendly and faster than the new site,( On my mobile) I'm glad you've given us the option of using the old site.

Maybe my iphone is too old, but I don't see any changes to the format.
All is the same. Not sure why.. But seems from the comments this may be a good thing. Wouldn't mind checking it out though:)
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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