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Greetings brotherhood of the D loop...

For those in the New England area looking for Spey casting instruction or overhead two-hand casting for large game applications allow me to introduce myself. I am FFF THCI living in Boston and Cape Cod, carry an array of demo rods for both styles and know the fishery to which techniques apply specifically local saltwater, ultralight Spey for trout as well as pacific northwest steelhead where I lived and learned two-hand casting for years before relocating here.

I utilize and teach practical 'modern' Spey gear and techniques but have an affinity for long line traditional casting for maximum efficiency while working a broad stretch of holding water. Both have their place in the quiver.

On the saltwater side, the objective is to throw marlin-sized poppers and chicken flies at submarine-sized fish. Both fun, very different though.

Fall is a great time, the rivers are cooling and filling up; the foliage is bright and on the Cape Cod beachfront the blitzes are starting.

Individual or group classes available, all levels. Customized on-location classes a specialty.

Contact: juro02 (at) gmail.com
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