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This was posted by Dan Blanton on his site. I have no other info. It would be nice to know when we can order this from our fly shops. ;)


IDAHO FALLS, January 1st, 2006. By popular demand from the world’s spey casters, RIO is releasing a fantastic new instructional DVD, RIO’S Modern Spey Casting.

The DVD stars Simon Gawesworth, international spey casting teacher, and a notable team of spey casting experts: George Cook, Mike McCune, Scott O’Donnell, Dana Sturn, and Ed Ward. RIO line designer, Jim Vincent, directed the DVD.

RIO Products is known as the creative manufacturer of fly lines for a global spectrum of fly fishing scenarios. Spey lines are just one class of fly lines made at RIO’s factory in Idaho Falls. This new spey casting DVD is the latest in a series of instructional films produced by RIO to help improve the skill level of fly fishers in various disciplines––the RIO website features the RIO Show, a collection of short videos on fly fishing around the world with RIO fly lines, leaders and tippet.

RIO’S Modern Spey Casting is the most comprehensive video on spey casting techniques ever made. Sequences with narration, music, bio-kinetic and other animation demonstrate the classic Roll Cast, Switch Cast, Single Spey and Double Spey, as well as modern spey casts such as the Snake Roll, Snap T, Snap Z, Circle C, Wombat Cast, Underhand Cast, Jelly Roll, Perry Poke and short head Skagit casting. In addition, the DVD has a sequence on overhead casting with shooting heads off the beach for stripers on the East coast. Simon Gawesworth also demonstrates how many of the spey casts can be adapted to single handed rods.

In “Fault Finding” sequences, the DVD teaches the viewer how to avoid and recognize the most common faults. Superb bio-kinetic footage shows the correct, precise body, arm and rod movements of the key casts. The comprehensive video glossary makes understanding the casting terminology easy.

From the clear, concise, step-by-step instructions that utilize computer graphics to the Top Tips and techniques for the advanced caster, this four hour long, three-DVD instructional video covers everything a fly fisher needs to know about modern spey casting and its classic origins.

RIO’s Modern Spey Casting is available from RIO Authorized Dealers and has a $49.95 suggested retail price.

Contact: Simon Gawesworth, [email protected] or Zack Dalton, [email protected] at RIO Products Intl., Inc.

Wow! :Eyecrazy:

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According to Simon as of 1/17/06 Rio will have these by 2/1/06 and be shipping to dealers by 2/5/06.
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