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Yeah, I know... been there done that but I haven't posted much in awhile so I figured I would throw this guy up here.

Last Saturday I got an itch to put together a swim tank. I was able to do so by only spending $70.00~

If you are interested in building your own I have provided a materials list below along with some images and a link to a video.



Materials List:
-10 Gallon Fish Tank- 14.99 at your local Pet Store
-30 Gallon Circulation Pump- 29.99
-Foam Drying Pad- At your local fly shop or big box
-The plastic tubing, you can find online. Here in Portland we have a store called tap plastics where you can get cut to fit pieces for SUPER cheap. ~12.00
-For the weights, I found small plastic black bead boxes and filled them with split shot, then glued the lids to the boxes once filled.
-Zap a gap and marine grade silicon to adhere the weight to the tube. `10.00
-and a little ingenuity....

Turned out pretty SLICK!

Video: http://youtu.be/ljv3WNG3LM8

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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