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Need some input!

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Ok Im done for the night, I hope you guys enjoy this one, Ill be SBSing upon request, let me know what you think :devil:

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Simple yet elegant looking design! I'd be interested in a SBS so I could find out what you used as a prop under the front and back stations. :smokin:
for times sake, ill answer just that question for now. Look around for the SBS in a day or so...

Take a pinch of Arctic Fox and cut about 1/2" away from the skin or cut low and cut about a 1/2" off, then slip the entire section into the loop, take hold of the pinch from the tips and cut the tip section off so you have approx 3/8 inch set even in the loop (equal amount sticking out on both sides) then, spin like a pimp, and wrap. you should be left with a dense little ball like this!


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Looks good to me!
Credit to you for the arctic fox idea as means of support, this fly was the ultimate goal when talking about sparse but full and heavy sink. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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