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I agree with Sinktip on the T&T's. I love T&T rods (as anyone who has been around the forum for a while knows), but they are not soft nor slow rods, which is what you said you are looking for.

As SSPey mentioned, a call or email to Meiser (who has an uncanny ability to size up what would make a person happy by talking to him), Anderson, or Burkheimer would be a very good way to get what you are looking for since they make rods that are of the softer, slower variety you are looking for.

That said, CND has rods in their Expert and Custom series (such as the Expert 1306 or 1307) that are of the softer, slower type you are looking for. If you contact Mike (MJC) at Redshed (one of the site sponsors), he could probably send you a rod for you to try since this is one of the many customer service things he does. Meiser could also probably provide you with a rod to try.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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