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Nakina and Taku rivers.

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I MAY be going on a Heli trip to the Nakina and Taku and other nearby rivers starting on 10/19 for 6 days. Does anyone have any experience that they would share and/or have an interest in going on this trip? send me a pm or email me at wguditus at the google mail site for the details. A bit last minute eh?

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Do the Nakina or Inklin fish move to a surface fly? I am guessing so. When is prime time for the dry line? I have been curious about the Inklin since a friend of a friend guided there some years ago. Not sure if that operation is still going. Hoping some Speypagers have some info on this topic.
Hodsons are Running the Inklin camp. Built a new lodge, however the Inklin fishin can be slushy by the 20th of October. Good luck if you have gone.... If not good luck on your next adventure
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