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First of all let me present my self (first post). I reside in Montreal, Québec, Canada. I mainly fish for bass and walleye there but my favorite fishing is for atlantic salmon (as my nickname indicates) with single hand rods (8 weight). Especially on the gem rivers of the Gaspé peninsula(http://www.zecgaspe.com/english/album/index.html).


So... Here's the deal. I've recently bought a 5wt 8'6'' sage Z-axis and tried it once so it is in like new condition. Liked the feeling but thought a 4 weight was more appropriate for the pan fishes I was targeting.

I am proposing to trade my this rod for any of your 4 weights of relatively same value/action in the 8'6'' to 9'6'' range. We shall discuss matters like shipping and the likes if your proposal does interest me.

I must warn you: even though i just bought the rod I managed to lose the warranty card... :mad::mad:

Thank you!

(Will provide pics very soon)
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