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Well, After lurking around here for a couple of years it's time to participate. I must say it's kind of scary seeing some of regulars bailing out. I have enjoyed reading Sean and Juro's posts.

For a guy that started spey casting 2 or 3 years ago, I have found no other place to find the information that is available here. That is especially true if you are not in a position to cast every day. Dana's newsletter and video clips have been invaluable to me. I have printed all of the newsletters and bound them into my own "how to spey" book. I have down-loaded all the clips to my laptop. I usually read the newsletter before I practice and when things don't go right, a peek at the appropriate video clip usually reminds me of what I'm doing wrong.

I know that most of us are used to getting information from the internet for free, but ultimately some is paying for the site, in this case it's Dana. If you can afford it, please upport this site, it is worth more than 40/year.

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