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Hello friends,

The Speypages Forum has always been and will always be about the community and it members here. Our members are world wide and range in various age groups, genders, faiths and cultures, with a passion for fishing with a two-hander for various species. We are a very diverse community and need to respect each other upmost.
For this reason, we are listing a set of "Rules" or "Code of Conduct" that must be followed. It is a start and will be added to if necessary since our community is very dynamic. Any additions/suggestions can be sent through "PM" (private message) to Brian (montanafos), Duggan (sinktip) or myself (GR8LAKES FLYER).

1. Be civil, respectful and treat others as you want to be treated. Debating is perfectly appropriate, however personal attacks is not. This includes and is not limited to the membership here. This also includes the content of your thread or post. The use of profanity, questionable/inappropriate Icons, photos, symbols,etc... is not allowed. As in the past, the Speypages will maintain to be a family rated site.

2. SPAM is not tolerated. This also includes posting links to non-sponsors, promotion of other sites as well as any sales, outfitters/guides, manufacturer marketing or research and classified ads elsewhere. Help us grow our sponsorship by advocating/promoting the ones we have now. They have made a commitment to this community.

3. Only 1 (one) account is permitted on the Speypages Forum. If you wish to change your moniker/alias/name, please contact us and we will make the change for you. If you already have added an account, please let us know and we can merge the two together.
There are some users here that may have the urge to "pot-stir" or cause controversy by using the second account. If this is the case, both user I.D's will be lost.

4. Respect this Forum, respect the community and respect the Moderators and Administrators. Attacking, undermining or being disrespectful towards this Forum, the community, or the Admins and Moderators will be dealt with without consideration of one's activity level or join date. If you have a suggestion, concern or issue, approach it respectfully and take it offline in a PM to one of us.

5. If you happen to come across inappropriate content or behavior, please don't add further fuel to the fire. Scroll over and click the REPORT icon. The Moderators get a message/notification and will take appropriate actions.

6. This is a Forum dedicated to "All things Spey". Discussions based on political or cultural views, or related to faith or religious beliefs have no place here on the Speypages. Discussions based on environmental topics are welcomed provided they are fact based and discussed within the guidelines mentioned above. These discussions can be started in the General Forum only.

A word about Warnings/Infractions/Bans:

If you participate in breaking any of the above mentioned rules and depending to what scale or extent will determine the level of severity. A warning can be issued in the form of PM or a post within the conflicting thread by either a Moderator or Administrator. One warning is all that is administered. Continuous infractions of the same, but not limited to, can see temporary bans or a complete ban. When you are banned, you are banned for "life". This is not a "new thing", it has always been this way, hence the term "ban".
Each infraction given has earned much discussion between the Moderators. It is not the Moderators intent to hand out infractions. Rather "moderating" between the affected parties to come to a solution. However, if a resolution or solution cannot be agreed to and the member continues to act against the community, then it leaves the Moderators no choice but to administer the "lifetime ban". A temporary ban is administered when the severity of the infraction is enough to warrant such action or a repeated offense. The temporary ban can be also used to diffuse a situation and all parties get a "timeout" to think and collect themselves or a "needed" break. It also gives the Moderators and Administrators time to deliberate.

On behalf of Brian and myself, thank you for your time and your commitment to this community.

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