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Hey everybody,

Just moved permanently to Australia and am seeing an ever increasing need to get into a switch system for fly fishing. I'm literally 50 meters from the surf on the sunshine coast. 1 minute from tie'n'fly outfitters, and still haven't been able to catch them in the shop yet. Still a new world for me here in paradise. Just seeing if there were any local aussies that had advice on building a rod, reel, and line setup for the areas locally. Where to go, what to use, etc. I figured if I can ever get a hold of Gavin at the fly shop here, he should be able to help out, but until then, I figured I'd reach out to y'all and see how I could get my feet wet. I currently only have a single hand 8wt that I brought with me, but have been really looking into picking up a switch rod setup. Thanks for everything guys!

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