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I have gone through the marabou, intruder and weighted fly patterns which I find not enjoyable to tie or cast. I realize these are the general go to winter patterns here in the PNW. I also know lots of the guys who frequent this forum, the long line and Scandi casters are fishing more "spey" type patterns I am interested in their opinions on the most productive winter patterns and sizes.

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Hi Nigel. The ones you tie in the Syd Glasso style! Cheap out with schlappen or burnt goose as a hackle for winter if need be. My favourite for fishing,tying and appearance. So many colour pallets to choose. Besides, you are already a master at these by the offerings you display here.

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As far as classics I always have Lady Carolines in the box with maybe some Dunts as well. I will tie these according to the recipe at 1.5 or 2.0 but the Ladys fish well tied smaller and I will use them on the Trinity.


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Several years ago I made the decision to primarily fish flies that made me smile, that being Speys and a few Dees. I still will throw a muddler for summer fish but almost everything in my winter boxes is a Spey or a Dee. No shanks or lead eyes to be found. There are a few more classic Salmon styles here and there though.

The Speys are more in the Glasso style as I prefer the hackle wing for movement. More often than not it is a GP feather wing ala Kinney's Dragon's Tooth. Lately I have been on a Snow Fly kick, thanks Mike :chuckle:, and have been fishing a lot of herl wings.

God forbid I was ever forced to limit myself to two flies then it would be the following.

Hotep Spey

Butt: small oval gold or fine copper wire
Tail: small bunch red GP fibers
Body: 1/2 purple floss, 1/2 purple seal or substitute
Tinsel: medium flat silver counter-wrapped with small oval gold or copper wire
Hackle: one feather each purple Spey (I use Whiting Spey) and black Spey from second turn of tinsel
Collar: gadwall
Wings: red GP feathers tented

Volcano Spey

Same as Hotep except
Body: 1/2 yellow floss, 1/2 orange seal or substitute
Tail: none
Hackle: 1-2 Orange Whiting Spey feathers
Collar: Teal

If I'm feeling fancy, I will include eyes of JC to the Volcano.

If I could choose a third pattern, it would be a black one similar to the Carron. If a fourth was allowed, the Lady Caroline. if a fifth .... :devil:


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are you looking for something on a classic iron, or a spey fly thats not an intruder but still tied on scandi tube style thingies?

No matter what it is, I say the most productive patterns are simply the ones you decide to get wet. Choose the right size and you are golden.
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