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Various long and mid lines. Some of these have been cut. None of these have been fished. I've gone full circle back to full lines and regret cutting the running lines. I'd like to sell them all as a bundle so I can grab a new carron line or two.

$200 Canadian for everything. Plus shipping.
Carron 65 8/9. Cut.
Carron 75 9/10 cut.
Carron 75 11/12 cut.
Snowbee 1D 9/10. Full line. Used.
Trevor Morgan javelin. 9/10 cut.
Hardy Mach Spey sink tip. 8/9. Unused
Hardy Mach float 10/11 brand new.
Wulff Sink tip 10wt. 80ft. Head. Brand new.
Wulff super salmon. Float. 6/7. Brand new.

Diamondback. 16' 10/11. 3 piece. Brand new. Plastic still on the handle. Bought this 10 years ago never cast it. Rod is pre-cortland. Should probably keep this guy in B.C. as shipping would be a lot. $100 Sold

Ross worldwide. 7'11 10wt. Rod. Mint. $50. Sold.

Patagonia minimalist wading jacket. XL. Worn once or twice. Bought last year. $100.

John Shewey steelhead flies. Perfect condition. Autographed. Not personalized. $75.


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