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More Mixin

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Hey gang
At it again with the mixers. Put this one together with the Thompson in mind. Decided to use an old mustad seeing as my last experiment didn't really jive. I like how this one looks. My plan was to have a wing that had a more natural hue to it, but as i mixed all the fibres up it looked a bit thin. So i added a bit of light blue to fill it in. Now the blue is taking ovet a bit. Dang. Oh well, gonna throw it far and get it chewed to bits anyway.
Hope you like it



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Sawada moon and stars theme?
I think I've seen the fly you speak of, but can't remember the details of the fly. I did intend for the wing to show more of the natural argus, that was my intention when I put in on the tail vailing, but it literally has disappeared all together. Thought i put plenty in. All in the curve.
Looks good Dustin. I'm no mixer expert but here's something to try next time you find too much colour in your wing.

Drop a larger slab of bronze mallard on as a roof, and brush it out and into the wing itself. If you have a large enough peice I will tie into the side of the wing as well and can mix in very nicely.

Killer colours.

Hey thanks for the tip......the fly wouldve had a slightly different look if I had any decent teal or pintail to throw in....all out right now. I have a couple massive vulturine feathers that I clipped a couple slips out of thinking it would tone it down, but alas, they disappeared as well.
Gotta go shopping

Cheers Dustin
Great color
You are becoming a mixologist
Cool, thanks.
ya really like the mixers. Spent quite a bit of throwing them around this summer. I really dig the profile when wet. The have that nice hair wing apperance, but I've always found hair wings unsatisfying to tie. You also get to use some cool materials that i like.
More to come..........
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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