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This is all new to me as well and thought I would list some things I have found to be better than the old software.

Multiple uploads:

Now you can upload multiple photos in one post. No more having to post multiple times to display a few pictures.

Similiar Threads:

On the bottom of most posts you will now see links to Similiar Threads. Check out this one and scroll to the bottom of the page:


Pretty cool and as the smart indexing keeps doing its magic these similiar thread links should get even better with time. Will be nice for those asking about what line for such and such a rod...

Multiple Recipient PMs:

Now it is very easy to send one PM to mulitiple people. Before it was almost impossibe to do.

Subscriber Access:

We now have the ability to set up private forums that allow you access once you pay via paypal. You just click a link to pay and once the transaction is through you get subscriber access for a year. We send you an email when it is time to renew and you just pay through paypal again. Look for Dana's Spey Newsletters to go online soon. Now the subscribers will have access to all the articles via the Spey Clave and can even discuss the article with Dana online! Really cool and look for this to start up in the next couple weeks. Of course those already subscribed will be given access until it is time to renew again and other payment options can be worked out other than paypal if you do not use that service. I hear there may be a Monomoy Insider newsletter starting up as well....

More cool things coming soon....

-Flytalk / Speypages team

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>This is all new to me as well and thought I would list some things I have found
>to be better than the old software.

This site has always had a more professional/organized feel
than most and it's even better now. Nice job !
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