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Hello all,

I'm still new to two-handed casting and was looking for some advise. I have a 11 foot, six weight switch rod. The grain window for the blank is 400-475. I also have an eight weight, Rio Indicator line. The head weight is 450 grains.

I find the line somewhat difficult to cast. I'm using it primarily for indicator fishing with short casts (15-20 feet), and also swinging wet flies. My favourite cast is a roll cast, with the odd overhead cast if space allows.

A salesperson at our local shop suggested that I cut some line off the front of the indicator line. The first five feet are tapered, and he suggested cutting off around four feet. He said that I would still have enough weight to load the rod and also the modified line would roll cast better.

Does that make sense? I was hoping to get some additional opinions before I butcher some perfectly good line.

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