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Fished the Main Southwest Miramichi River between Upper Blackville and Doaktown on Sept. 29th and 30th. Water the clearest I have seen it in 20 years and was very low, but it rained all day on the 29th. Many fish were showing, but none cooperated on the 29th.

The 30th was a different story. No rain and the water was up just a bit. Even with the slight rise in water, it remained exceptionally clear. I hooked a fish of about 15 lbs. in the morning on a fly of my own design (if there is such a thing), but lost it at the net. This was my fishing companion’s first time doing any kind of fishing. She had practiced fly casting a few times this summer and was relentless on the water during this trip. She hooked a fish just before lunch, but had about 10 feet of line in her hand when the fish took and couldn’t control it. Our guide hooked a fish just before dark and tried to hold it on the line for my companion to play, but she couldn’t get down to where he was before the fish shook off.

I count that as a pretty good day. If the MSW gets some rain this week, the river should fish very well before the close of the season. If all goes well, I will try to give it another try during the week of Oct. 8th.
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